Lyon Township

Lyon Township

Roscommon County, MI

Public Notice July 29, 2022

On July 25th, 2022 at 7:00 pm Lyon Township held the first Public Hearing required by Public Act 188 to hear comments on the proposed sewer project. The Township received petitions objecting to and supporting the project prior to the meeting and through the close of the hearing. Tabulation of the objecting petitions has begun and as of the date of this notice, objections representing more than 20% of the acreage in the proposed special assessment district have been received. This now means that Lyon Township cannot proceed with the second Public Hearing for the Assessment and project until the Township receives petitions from landowners representing more than 50% of the land within the proposed district. As we have stated many times, there is no time frame that has to be met between the two hearings. The Township Board has also committed to waiting for the second hearing until significant or complete grant monies were awarded the project to reduce the cost of the project to residents.


If landowners wish to support the project, we have included a link to a petition seeking approval of the project and assessment district. As with the objecting petitions, all landowners listed on the deed, or if in a trust, all trustees must sign the petition. Please call the township or email Clerk Doug Schnell at , if you have any questions. Objecting petitions on file with the township can be rescinded only by a written request, and this must be done if you choose to submit an “in favor” petition.


PETITION TO THE TOWNSHIP BOARD  In Favor – multiple signatures