Lyon Township

Lyon Township

Roscommon County, MI

Forms and Documents

This is a quick reminder that Lyon Township does enforce a Burning Ordinance.  Recreational camp fires are allowed, but burning of leaves and other yard waste is prohibited.  In certain circumstances the Township does issue a burn permit to burn leaves and yard waste.  If you are going to burn those items you will need to contact the Township and request a burn permit.  Along with the Township, the DNR regulates when burning can take place.  

Along with the permit from the Township; you will need to contact the: DNR on their website  (Click on underlined link to access DNR burning permit website) to verify that they are allowing burning to take place on the day(s) you want to burn.  For more information on burning or to inquire or receive a permit, call the Township at (989)821-9694

Link to Special Burn Permit