Lyon Township

Lyon Township

Roscommon County, MI

2022 Gypsy Moth Suppression


Instructions for viewing the spray blocks on the Roscommon County GIS Map:
Go To:
-Hover over “Services,” Then click “Online Map” on the right hand side.
-Scroll down and click on the Roscommon County Online Map.
-Click on the Layer icon in the list on the upper right side; the Layer icon is in the center and looks like a stack of paper.
-Click in the box next to 2022 Spray Blocks in the drop-down.
-The digital spray block layer should appear. Scroll and zoom to find your parcel.
*Note that if you zoom in or out too far, the layer will not be visible.
To find an individual parcel, be sure the layer is turned on, zoom in to find your parcel, then zoom out until the layer appears to see if it is included in a spray block.

click here for Agreement for Additional Property Spraying

click here for Requirements for Added Acreage